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How To Starve Cancer Cells Naturally

In this article I’m going to explain the medical revolution that is happening around us that will teach you how to starve cancer cells naturally by controlling something called angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is the natural process that our bodies use to grow blood vessels.

There are over 60,000 miles worth of blood vessels in the human body. To help you visualize what an impressive statistic this is, realize that 60,000 miles worth of anything is enough miles to circle the entire world twice.

Angiogenesis allows your body to create blood vessels that can adapt to any type of condition in the human body. If this is not regulated, it can cause overgrowth diseases such as cancer, blindness, arthritis endometriosis, and multiple sclerosis. This is because your angiogenesis system can develop defects which in turn can cause long term health problems.

In order to prune back and regulate out of control angiogenesis, it is important to learn how to stave cancer cells naturally. According to renowned Dr. Li, “Angiogenesis is the main root of all cancers.” Cancer cells cannot grow into large life risking tumors without sufficient amounts of capillaries feeding them lots of oxygen and nutrient rich blood.

There are over 19 billion capillaries; which are the smallest blood vessels that we have in the human body. If these capillaries grow out of control due to a defective angiogenesis system, cancer is likely to develop.

The majority of humans walk around every day carrying unknown microscopic cancer cell clusters that are undeveloped. Luckily for human beings as long as your body has the ability to balance angiogenesis properly it will prevent your blood vessels from forming to feed these microscopic tumors.

Anti- angiogenic therapy is a method of cutting off the blood supply to microscopic cancer cell clusters in time. This is possible because tumor vessels are highly abnormal and poorly constructed, so they are very vulnerable to treatment methods that directly starve them.

There are dozens of different anti-angiogenic cancer drugs that according to Doctor Li “Have significantly increased survival rates in cancer patients, however, even more important there are also ways to starve cancer naturally before it develops.”

The main method used to starve angiogenesis is to consume the large number of super foods that have the power to starve the microscopic cancerous growths before they can become a problem. There are many herbs, beverages, and foods that are naturally occurring and have the power and ability to inhibit angiogenesis.

Consuming these super foods can improve your body’s self regulation system and prevent blood vessels from forming and feeding microscopic tumors that exist in the majority of humans at any given time.

What types of foods are anti-angiogneic?

A great example of anti-angiogenic foods can be found in red grapes.

Red grapes contain resveratrol, which is a fat-soluble compound found in its skin.

Reveratrol has been shown to inhibit abnormal angiogenesis by 60 % according to Dr. Li. In recent years, a great number of studies have shown that resveratrol causes a unique type of death in cells containing cancer.

The best part of anti-angiogenic foods is that they happen to be delicious. Cherries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are chock full of anti-angiogenic power. Comforting beverages like green tea, and red wine also have anti-angiogenic powers. Cooking ingredients like tomatoes, artichokes, kale, garlic, parsley, turmeric, and maitake mushrooms are not only easy to use in almost every meal, but they also contain powerful anti-angiogenic powers.

The real power behind starving cancer naturally using anti-angiogenic treatments is not picking one food or beverage to increase your bodies natural ability to regulate your angiogenic system, but the amazing synergy that happens when you use them together. As a result, not only do you avoid processed food, you are creating an entire diet that is full of organic foods.

You may be wondering if this treatment can be as effective as taking powerful toxic drugs that are also anti-angiogenic. Well, according to Dr. Li there are many foods that have been proven to be just as effective. Foods like red grapes, parsley, and garlic have equal anti-angiogenic effectiveness when compared to various other anti-angiogenic drugs, but without the toxic effects.

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